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You can get more information about this Creative Commons license at the official website. The user of this Website agrees to use the contents published in accordance with the law and under these conditions, as well as maintain good customs and public order, generally accepted. For a commercial use of the material published on this website or another generated and not published, as well as for any business possibility, please contact the commercial area of Di Ronco · Industries. The content generated by Di Ronco · Industries for our clients, is the property of our clients and, although we can share it, a written authorization from their owners is required.


Di Ronco · Industries will review and amend this privacy statement from time to time. You can always find the most up to date version on our privacy page:

Complaints policy

To guarantee a careful treatment of complaints Di Ronco · Industries drew up a complaints handling policy. A copy of this policy may be obtained free of charge and can be downloaded from this Website.

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