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Di Ronco · Industries is not a construction company, nor an architecture studio like the ones you know. It is a “digital entity” created in 2019 to work for the change in the way of life. This work goes beyond designing houses based simply on sustainable or bioclimatic architecture and conventional urban development. It involves art, agriculture, technology, finances and well-being, both psychic and physical of people. We don’t build houses, but we teach you how to build one. We don’t project intelligent buildings a thousand meters high to have a record, such things are bad customs of the past. We work tirelessly on the development of urban models for future generations. We bring knowledge to those people who are not prepared to obtain the “level of urban awareness” that Planet Earth demands to survive the climatic disaster that crosses us.We propose models of urban structures that meet the human needs of the future. The smarts cities must be developed for and by the people who inhabit them and not for the mere technological interest, nor to compete with other cities, nor to increase the bank accounts of the real estate market whales.

What we do?

Di Ronco · Industries focuses on the development and research of self-sufficient, decentralized and ecological urban construction methods and systems. Transcend the culture of reinforced concrete and mega skyscrapers, leave behind the massiveness of plastic and the generation of hydrocarbon-based energy resources. The paradigm shift can be a shock for people today, but new generations will not have this problem, they already demand that we now begin to change the way we live.

How do we do it?

  • The construction based on the passivhaus standard is the minimum requirement to start.
  • Natural lighting, mechanical ventilation, wide and healthy environments.
  • We don’t forget the concepts of thermal transmission and energy saving, the reuse of water and, of course, permaculture.
  • The building structure is not only focused on brick, we think of abundant materials on the area, such as land (adobe), straw, cane, used tires, or sea containers, are some of the materials we consider relevant in our research.

Our commitment

  • Our commitment to healthy food and organic farming is undeniable, we integrate urban agricultural production as a means for social cohesion and generation of local businesses.
  • Our commitment to sustainability is maximum, that is why we think of urban environments that consume less energy.
  • Our commitment to financial freedom, balanced and decentralized is essential, so we work on business models based on Blockchain.
  • Our commitment to the privacy of your data and the integration of your life with technology is very important to guarantee our individual freedom.

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