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Di Ronco • Industries is focused on the processes involved in thermal energy generation, the distributed (or decentralized) generation and storage of electricity obtained through solar energy, wind energy, waves energy, Hydrogen, and fuel cells. As well as its environmental impact. We are not interested in innovation based on fossil fuels, but to forget about it, we must register its existence and accept that its use, at present, is relatively dispensable.

How do we do it?

  • We promote the development of lines of research, specialization studies and technical assistance to interested sectors.
  • We promote development and innovation in the standardization and certification of related products.
  • We provide technical advice to those interested in the implementation of power generation systems based on renewable energies.
  • We contribute to the transfer and dissemination of scientific and technological advances achieved.

Our commitment

  • Our commitment is with the future (purely and exclusively). We think about the generations to come, the current ones are saturated with projects that seek to pay off in the short term and that is not our focus.
  • Our commitment is with the Earth. It seems cheesy and full of demagoguery, but if we continue this resource-busting dynamic, our grandchildren will not have a safe place to live. Some seek to go to another planet, which is legal; we want to encourage it to stay clean and healthy.
  • Our commitment is with the mental and physical health of people.
  • Our commitment to sustainability is maximum, that is why we think of urban environments that consume less energy and are accessible to all the people who inhabit it.
  • Our commitment to financial freedom, balanced and decentralized is fundamental, that is why we work on business models based on Blockchain.
  • Our commitment to data privacy and the integration of technology in people’s lives is very important to guarantee our individual freedom.
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